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The dance year runs from Mid-August through Mid-June (or production date), and is divided into two semesters, Fall/Spring. Tuition is calculated on a semester basis and is not considered a monthly tuition. You may pay for the entire semester in one lump sum, or for your convenience, the semester tuition can be made in monthly installments. See below for payment schedule. August/December and January/June installments are non-refundable. Tuition installments are due the first class day of the month and must be paid by the 15th of each month. Payments made after the 15th of the month will be considered late. A $35.00 late fee will be applied to past due accounts. Accounts will remain active throughout the dance year, or until the one month written notice of withdraw is received.

Annual Registration Fee: $40.00 per student.

Those interested in attending a trial class prior to enrollment may do so. A $25.00 fee per trial class will be applied.


2023-2024 Dance Season

If taking more than one class: the first class will be billed at full amount. All classes thereafter will receive a $5.00 discount per month. Families with 3 or more siblings taking classes will receive a 10% discount. Military families will also  receive a 10% discount. Only one discount will be applied per family, if qualified for both military and family discount.  Students enrolled in multiple classes are entitled to a max tuition total. Max tuition will not exceed $250.00/month per student. Any specialty/master classes, clinics, dance camps or additional rehearsals are not included in semester tuition and are subject to additional cost. Your billing statement will reflect the entire tuition amount. Monthly installments will properly adjust the remaining balance of the billed semester tuition. Private classes and use of studio for private services (when available) are billed by the hour and at the discretion of the instructor/director. Fees for production/performances are separate from tuition.


August- December $350.00
January- June $420.00

1st installment $140.00
Monthly installment $70.00


August-December $375.00
January-June $450.00

1st installment $150.00
Monthly Installment $75.00


August- December $425.00
January-June $510.00

1st Installment $170.00
Monthly Installment $85.00


August-December $450.00
January-June $540.00

1st Installment $180.00
Monthly Installment $90.00


August: August and December installments due.

September: September installment due.

October: October installment due.

November: November installment due.

January: January and June installments due.

February: February installment due.

March: March installment due.

April: April installment due.

May: May installment due.

For your convenience, and to avoid late fees, you may put a debit/credit card on file. Your card will, be charged the monthly installment fee, per schedule. A 5% processing fee will be applied to all card transactions.  


Students wishing to withdraw from a class or enrollment from the studio within the dance year, must give a one month written notice. Students choosing to drop, are encouraged to continue attending their assigned dance class through the drop month.

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