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All students must wear proper dance attire to class. Dance attire is made to enhance the instructor's ability to see and correct body alignment as well as give the student freedom of movement, therefore no street clothes or baggy shirts are to be worn in class. Hair must be worn in a bun, and securely fastened away from the face. For students with shorter hair, please secure hair away from face.For your convenience, all required shoes and dance attire have been pre-selected at The Dance Bag located in Modesto. Their customer service representatives will be glad to assist you to ensure proper purchase of all required attire.


Pre-Ballet students: pink leotard, pink tights & pink slipper. Ages 7 & up solid black leotard, pink tights and pink slippers. A sheer black, non attached skirt is permissible for 6 & up. No shorts. Tutu style skirts are not permissible in class. A black or pink wrap dance sweater for cold months is needed. Pointe shoes should not be purchased without prior teacher recommendation. Ballet slippers must be the Bloch "Belle", "Giselle", or "Performa" style. Hair must be worn in a bun.

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