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Ages  3 & Up

As a technical foundation for many genres of dance, Valley Oak School of Dance provides ballet instruction for students of all ages. This technical and theatrical art form uses conventional positions and steps to create an artistry of movement. Students are placed in appropriate levels according to age and ability. Our youngest students, 3-4 year olds, participate in pre- ballet class. These classes use creativity and imagination  to introduce the most basic ballet steps. Dance class etiquette is introduced, as well as ballet terminology, rhythm, and locomotive movement. As dancers mature in age, and ability, so does the instruction and discipline of this art form. A greater focus is placed on ballet technique, terminology, artistry, musicality, and performance quality as students progress from level to level. Pointe classes are offered for students aged 13 and up, who have technically trained and are attending a minimum of 3 ballet classes a week. Class placement, as well as advancing to pointe, is always under the discretion of the instructor and director. 


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